About Me
A Small-Town Girl With a Special Gift
Born in Winchendon, MA, I have been a medium since birth, having conscious memories of spirit communication since the age of 4. As years passed, I have developed a stronger, more enriched level of clairvoyance. I felt drawn to work with my mediumship and have received extensive training to polish my gift, seeking guidance from some of the most renowned mediums in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Today, I am happy to share my gift with others. "Messages from Heaven" is a three-way conversation: FROM Spirit, THROUGH Spirit, and TO Spirit. I feel inspired to help do Gods work by comforting those who need to hear from their loved ones on the other side. I have an enhanced ability to see, hear, know, taste, and smell, all of which are essential traits to deliver your message. My compassion, wisdom, and calming nature allows my clients to feel comfortable and at ease while receiving evidential proof that their departed loved ones are always around them and that their spirit IS eternal.

Set in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, my room awaits those who have been wanting and needing to hear from that special someone.

I have trained at the Arthur Findlay College with Tony Stockwell and Lynn Probert in Stansted England.