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DO YOU WONDER WHAT YOUR LOVED ONES ARE DOING ON THE OTHER SIDE? DO YOU WANT TO BE IN TOUCH WITH THE SPIRIT WORLD? DO YOU KNOW HOW TO RECOGNIZE THE SIGNS THAT YOUR LOVED ONES ARE TRYING TO SEND? As a respected author and newspaper columnist, Bonnie has been asked many questions from people looking for assurance that their loved ones on the other side are safe and happy, and what Heaven is like. This book is a compilation of questions, answers, and stories about your loved ones.

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Some Reviews:


This book is truly inspiring. Can't wait for her next book.

- Brenda Wilder
Down to earth and easy to understand.

Bonnie is a great Medium and person her book is well worth having

- Nancey L. Lively
Bonnie you are bringing light that is so needed

Bonnie I thank you for giving me the healing message I needed from my dad. That was an incredible night.

- Monica
Positive and lifting

Bonnie has a great way of answering all those questions that no one wants to ask after losing a loved one. A great read!

- Anonymous
Upbeat spiritual Guidance

I enjoyed the personal connections with spirit Bonnie makes with her life experiences. she gives great information about psychic and spirit communication.

- Nancy D. Smith
A Peek into Bonnie's World

I used this book for personal information. I felt it is a great book offering introductory information to the spiritual world. I also feel that Bonnie's voice is loud & clear giving the reader the feeling of knowing the author. Her writing style is easy to read & understand, making it both enjoyable & easy to read.

- Anonymous
Heartfelt, funny & personal!

Bonnie's connections to the spirit world are so strong and on-point! She shares her stories and insights with a heart full of love, compassion, comfort, and even humor. For anyone wondering about your loved ones on the other side, this is a great book filled with answers to your most-asked questions.

- Terry Mason
Love this book!

I absolutely LOVE this book! If you are as fascinated in the psychic medium world as I am, I highly recommend this book. So much information in short, easy to read chapters. So uplifting with just enough humor that only Bonnie can bring. You will not be disappointed. Makes a great gift of comfort for those who are missing loved ones in Heaven. I'm looking forward to the next one!

- Tom Lynch

Everything you wanted to know about Mediums, but were not comfortable asking is in this book. Bonnie knows her craft and answers the hard questions. At the same time, as you read you understand that God is Love. We all want to be assured that our departed know that our efforts to love and remember them are seen and appreciated. Bonnie helps us understand that with God all things are possible. Her job is merely to facilitate that connection and share the peace of God that goes beyond all understanding. This book is uplifting, and although, to be honest, some things didn’t jive with my understanding of the Bible and theology, I have to say Bonnie’s loving spirit was comforting and inspiring. She’s the real thing, sweet and genuine, kind and loving, truely gifted.

- Jan T C

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