Overall great experience. I would absolutely recommend Bonnie.

- Tawnee O'Malley

Excellent teacher! Messages are delivered in a caring loving way. I HIGHLY recommend.

- Sea Star

Bonnie is amazing! She is professional, kind and caring. She has helped me tremendously. Definitely helps heal the soul!

- Michele Richard

I would give her 10 stars if I had the opportunity. Bonnie is the real deal. Kind hearted, wise and compassionate. It is a blessing to have had a few readings by Bonnie.

- Debbie OBrien

Bonnie is amazing in what she does.I been skeptical about readings but decided to get one for my adult child.

She brought the light, hope and huge smile,that was so needed. I'm very thankful for her wisdom and kindness.

- Ela H.

Bonnie is amazing!! I have had two readings by her and both were spot on! She is very kind and makes you feel so comfortable. She is the real deal, you won't be disappointed!

- Mandy Medina

I have seen Bonnie many times over the course of 5-6 yrs. Every reading has been spot on. Not knowing any of my background, she was/is amazing! Bonnie is very professional, makes you feel very comfortable, she is kind, sweet, respectful and treats you with a world of love and compassion. I would highly recommend Bonnie for her services, you will not be disappointed!!

- J Giles

Bonnie was so on target with my reading I had done 3 years ago! I was hoping to have my Gram come through, instead my Great Grandmother came through on our reading.

Bonnie knew nothing of my past, didn't divulge any information. Bonnie was point on!

- Mary Crumpton

I met Bonnie in New Jersey. I watched her giving a reading to someone for 15 minutes straight with out feedback from her sitter except for the tears of healing rolling down her sitters face. I have heard that a medium with 60% accuracy is an good medium. Bonnie was, I'd say, 100%. I was in awe, to say the least, so much so that I asked her to be my mentor! She is a lovely, kind, warm-hearted women. Highly recommended

- Abra Merlino

I had never gone to a psychic medium before, but I had always wanted to. I did my research first and found Bonnie online. I read her reviews and saw that they were all highly rated and positive. I had lost a lot of family all at once and had been feeling lost for a very long time. I contacted Bonnie who I must say was wonderful and very polite and patient with all of my questions. I decided to sign up for a phone reading. We scheduled a time she called me right on the button and it was an incredible reading. I had never met this women and she knew nothing about me except my first name and the first names (only) of the two people I wanted to speak with the most. The reading was amazing. She knew names dates years details about certain things no one would know about. I felt like I was sitting there talking to the people I had lost and missed dearly. They knew everything my new steps in life my accomplishments they knew how I was feeling even though I told no one about any of it. She explained these loved ones down to a t appearance personality everything. Bonnie page is 100% the real deal. She is very sweet, caring and kind. For the first time in a long time I had peace and I really needed it. Thank you again!

- Ally Bell

Bonnie is THE most amazing medium and person that I've ever had the privilege to know. Her messages are always spot-on amazing and delivered with the utmost of caring and love. She is gentle, sweet, and kind, and her messages bring great healing to those of us who are missing our loved ones in Heaven. My entire family have received such beautiful messages/readings, and it's because of her connection to Heaven that I've been able to cope with the loss of my Dad. She's a beautiful soul who helps so many. Highly recommended.

- Terry Mason

I've had several readings from Bonnie and have always had my mind blown. She is absolutely legit and knows things there is no way she could possibly know without being told by the loved one you've asked to speak to. I have always been on my guard and skeptical when first speaking with a medium (you can tell when the fake mediums try to 'fish' for information if you pay attention) and Bonnie is definitely no fake. She's the only medium I'll do business with.

- Karen Speten

If anyone is interested .... I had a reading back in February and it was amazing. I cried a lot because I was just so wow'd by everything she stated to me. It was nice to experience and made me more of a believer. She told me things only my friend and I knew or experienced in life together. I do highly recommend her.

- Brenda Waterson

I donít even know where to start! Not only is Bonnie so warm and loving herself but she connected with my fiancť and brought through his love! Iím so amazed with her accuracy! I canít stop thinking about it! It was only 15 minutes but she told me just what I needed to hear during that time! I know for sure now that he is with me! It was such a healing message! The sound of her voice was even healing for me! Amazing! Iíll definitely sign up for future readings with her! Thank you Bonnie!

- Camil Fleur-de-lis